The Great Bible Deception

By | December 16, 2016

By the end of the first century, the New Testament had been completed and distributed among the churches in Sardis, Laodicea, Philadelphia, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, and the largest concentration in Antioch. These were the letters (epistles) and Gospels written by the Apostles and Luke the physician. The language used to write these letters and epistles was the common Greek language of the day.

Once these were completed and diligently copied, around 120 AD, some of the brethren from the Waldeness valley of France then translated these into the common or “vulgar” Latin language and distributed around the Roman empire.

Later in the 1600’s, the letters from Antioch know as the “Received Text” was translated in their entirety into the English language giving us the King James Bible. The King James translators also used the Waldenessian Bible to check their translation so that we really have the originals translated into the English language without error.

Now, as for that deception about which this article is titled, at or around 230-240 AD, Alexandrian scholars got their hands on the New Testament in Antioch and took them back to their universities, where a man by the name of Origen Adamantius, c. 185-254 AD began to translate them into the Classic Greek of the day.

To give you some insight into Origens way of thinking, there was a paper he wrote called the “Allegorical Exegesis”. In this paper we find that Origen didn’t believe that God really meant what He said through the Apostles and wanted to enlighten the Christian world about what God really meant to say. I’m not sure about you but that kind of thinking really bothers me. Doesn’t it you?

Once Origen had completed his translation there was a complete mess. First thing I want you to clearly understand is that the Alexandrian Text from Origen was not the original letters and Gospels. They were a translation from the common Greek into the Classic Greek. And not only this but were translated using Origens twisted belief that God didn’t mean what He said.

With this simple understanding it should be quite easy to realize why there are verses missing and meanings changed in the newer versions of the Bible like the New International Version, the New King James, and the Holman Christian Standard bibles. They were translated using the Alexandrian Text or more precisely from the Nestle Text translated by Westcott and Hort.

The deception is that you and I are being lied to when publishers say they are translating their new bibles from more reliable texts. In reality they are translated from a translation that is purely corrupt.


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