What to Look For on a Christian Message Board

At first thought you may be thinking, duh, Christian discussions. And most likely you’re probably right. But it goes deeper than that. Much deeper. Below is a list of the types of discussions you will find. Eternal Security (Once Saved, Always Saved) versus Conditional Salvation. This is the number one hot potato subject today. In… Read More »

The Great Bible Deception

By the end of the first century, the New Testament had been completed and distributed among the churches in Sardis, Laodicea, Philadelphia, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, and the largest concentration in Antioch. These were the letters (epistles) and Gospels written by the Apostles and Luke the physician. The language used to write these letters and epistles… Read More »

A Great Witnessing Tool

There’s nothing more useful than a face to face talk with someone about the Lord Jesus Christ and Salvation. However, with the age of the internet and the media available to us like instant messengers, chats, and message boards, a whole new and fresh medium is open for us to deliver the Gospel message. One… Read More »

What Is Mankind Capable Of

I have been asked many times by new Christian converts why, even though they’re saved, do they still have the ability or rather the desire to sin. The answer has always been an easy one to answer but a hard one for the natural man to accept. Why? Well in all actuality, it’s not your… Read More »

The Appearance of a Christian Woman

Some time back I had a person email into my online ministry with a question about women’s makeup. She more specifically was asking about the great amounts of makeup used by some Christian women on television. After a bunch of prayer, here is how I answered her: Great amounts of makeup on a ladies face… Read More »

7 Ways to Ho-Ho-Hold Your Volunteers Close This Christmas

Awesome volunteers deserve a big recognition at Christmas, right? All year long they serve. They bring an immense gift of time and skills to your organization. Truly it is harder to find a better example of sincere Christmas spirit and goodwill towards mankind. Shouldn’t their star shine brightly at Christmas? But ho-ho-hold that thought. Packing… Read More »

What Constitutes a Marriage Recognized by God?

First, the marriage of Adam and Eve was consecrated by God Himself. Marriage in fact is the first institution established by God for man. And it being the first must be important. So important that the Savior likens the relationship of Himself and the church as a marriage which will be consecrated in Heaven at… Read More »